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About Our Office
About Our Office

ALSO VISIT OUR PRODUCTS ON WWW.GILBERTNATURALMEDICINE.COM      Gilbert Natural Medicine and Aesthetics provides testing services and treatment plans for a wide range of disorders, including hormonal imbalances, all STDs, Lyme disease, and other medical conditions. Our providers at Gilbert Natural Medicine and Aesthetics see patients for all conditions and all illnesses; we perform blood testing, live blood microscopy, urine, and saliva testing in-house. Our office is one of the top national Alternative Health Care offices and our providers are able to treat patients with a variety of health deficiencies. Call for your appointment today.  888-244-0888 or 480-703-0151

We Treat Lyme Disease and All STD's
We Treat Lyme Disease and All STD's

Most carriers of an STD are over the age of fifty and are unaware they have a sexually transmitted disease. An STD is a predisposition to Cancer and Heart Disease. Get checked with a simple saliva mouth swab today!

Founder of Arizona Academy for Natural Health

Learn Natural Medicine and study under Doctor Massari. Designed as an online course, a certificate of completion is awarded to the graduate student with the opportunity of advancing into a second part course that enables the graduate to work with others as a homeopathic and natural medicine practitioner. Please call or email for an enrollment form. This is a five-module course, go at your own rate of speed. Easy to follow and complete. Also available in notebook form.

Gilbert Natural Medicine and Aesthetics in association with Arizona Academy

We Treat Pets!

We hand craft Hot Diggity Dog shampoo that is hydrating, healing and softening to animals hair. Not for use on birds. Made with Neem oil. All natural.

We Have Beauty Products! WE ARE ON AMAZON

Men and women beauty products hand crafted by Doctor Massari made with goats milk and honey. Scented to your liking. Our foaming hand wash is amazing. All natural. 

Voted #1 Homeopath in Arizona