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Gilbert Natural Medicine and Aesthetics

Non-invasive Body Sculpting & Body Wraps

                                                                       Financing Now Available!

Body Sculpting

Targeting Areas: Face, Neck, Arms, Abdomen, Back, Legs, Butt

✔ Aids Aged and Loosened Skin

✔ Improvement of Skin Texture

✔ Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles

✔ Reduction of Acne Scarring (Breaks Down Scar Tissue)

✔ Micro-current Supports Reduction of Trauma, Irritation, Inflammation and Helps the Skin Heal

✔ Muscle Tightening

✔ Melts Body Fat

Body Wraps

Targeting Areas: Arms, Abdomen, Back, Butt, Legs, Knees

✔ Tightens Skin

✔ Reduces Fat Cells

✔ Full Body Detox

✔ Increases Elasticity of the Skin

✔ Diminishes Fat Pockets

✔ Reduces Cellulite

✔ Wraps for Pain Available Now

Micro-currents in their simplest explanation are low level electrical currents either generated by or conducted by the body. Essentially, these are the small amounts of electricity that pass in and around the cells. Our bodies naturally generate electricity that is energy which is required for muscle movements and activates our nerve impulses. It is the body’s own electrical system that provides the voltage for ionic exchanges across the cell membranes allowing for cell functions including the intake of nutrients from the blood, removal of cellular toxic waste and movement of impulses along nerve pathways. The movement of these minuscule electrical signals are also vital for healthy cell function and cell-to-cell communication.

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