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What is Homeopathy?

Dr. Massari, Ph.D., DiHOM

Even before you were familiar with the term Homeopathy, it was a proven method of healing. Natives of many lands used raw herbs or called on a medicine man that helped to produce the effects of wellness. This was long before Homeopathy came on the scene as another method of healing naturally. So you see that Homeopathy is not a new science. Thanks to the father of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann a German doctor discovered what was to be the most profound pathway to healing acute and chronic illness and disease. He believed that Homeopathic medicine should be given in small quantities for the shortest amount of time to either bring on symptoms in a healthy person or take symptoms away in a sick person. Treating like with like was Mr. Hahnemann's ideal method of healing.
Some medical professionals today are strictly traditional medical healers with a curious eye for the alternative. Most traditional healers question alternative methods of curing a sick patient. Other professionals believe strictly in natural healing therapies and still some are crossing over into both worlds of medicine whereby creating the total approach to healing. All are doctors. All are teachers of wellness. One cannot heal properly with a closed mind and spirit to what is possible with the human body. Never the less, not one or the other method of natural medicine is the one and only answer to healing. It takes the best of all worlds to bring the body to homeostasis, total wellness. Still, preventative medicine must be employed to prevent any further disease.

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Fibromyalgia, smoking, psoriasis, allergies, sinus, pain and all STD's are gone with Homeopathy. 
Homeopathy is an old science that is making its way into the path of new medical protocols because HOMEOPATHY WORKS!