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Doc Berni

As a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy in England, Dr. Massari began practicing in Arizona with her PhD in Natural Medicine. Doc Berni has been helping patients rule out illnesses and diseases with all-natural care. Doc Berni is an Author of self-help books and moderated a 21-year radio show throughout the country. When she is not working in her office, she teaches live courses in Natural Healthcare. We asked our provider what excites her most about her profession: "To be able to employ Natural Medicine and cure my patients is the most thrilling feeling imaginable, I am confidently making a difference."

Our provider is dedicated towards making a difference, she feels it is imperative to help her patients and is available 24/7 to discuss any complications that a patient may be having. We took some time out of her busy schedule to ask her one of the most asked questions!

Why did you choose to pursue Eastern Medicine as opposed to Western medicine? Why do you feel Homeopathy is a better alternative? 

Doc Berni: "I am not an MD nor do I report to be an MD but rather I am a PHD in natural medicine, Homeopathy. I began my studies in Homeopathy with the British School of Homeopathy and Complimentary Medicine in the early 1990's. Most people can live longer than predicted, they just don’t know it.

Patients of Western medicine are so overindulged in prescription medicine that they eventually become toxic, they soon withdrawal from their medicine and that takes a damaging toll on their wellbeing. Doctors have misconceptions of Eastern Medicine, simply due to them studying Western Medicine throughout their studies, leaving them with a deficiency of knowledge in what I specialize in. Homeopathy works by bringing the issues to the front of what the illness is, where disease originated from within the body or life force, dealing with the vital force, heredity or what has been acquired in your life. Illness and Disease has a region of origination and is prefaced by sometimes visual links to its origin or initial beginnings. Disease is known to us after the onset when we see the visuals of the deep-seated problem."

Berni Wahl

Medical Lab Specialist