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Molecular testing for:


Gastro Intestinal




We offer an intelligent, molecular diagnostic solution. This is a unique, data-driven approach that combines precise, molecular pathogen and resistance gene detection with regional sensitivity and susceptibility data. Our Lab supports clinicians in providing the most targeted and customized treatment plan for their patients. They offer the most extensive Resistance Gene Testing Panel on the market today, identifying 26 resistance genes that could lead to ineffective antibiotic therapy, including the genes for the enzymes associated with ESBL, which can have even worse outcomes than MRSA. Traditional culture technique involves using special mediums in a microbiology lab to try to grow potential pathogens. We use a molecular lab and we do not grow pathogens. Instead, we utilize short segments of DNA and RNA sequences (primers) to specifically and accurately identify the same sequences within the patient’s sample. Our Lab has developed customized pathogen panels per type of body system being evaluated. We test 95% of the pathogens in the U.S. associated with infections of each of the systems being targeted.